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NCK Ultimate Nck Huawei Module


How to get done this activation

before buy must run Huawei software in your computer once and click check account and then you can submit your serial of NCK or UMT and you will get unlimited activation instant.

Download Link For Ultimate Tool!MtBhjaba!UzAGKL_mMKCHzue4qeNMyTZR0laTeERhduOYj-20XDk

only Supported for NCK Dongle and UMT Dongle / Box


Authorize Phone (enable Diag)

Read Sim Unlock Codes

Read Bootloader Codes

Direct Unlock

IMEI Change - Repair

Repair SN

Repair WIFI/Bluetooth etc...

Repair Empty Board

Repair MEID

Erase FRP

Reset Huawei ID

Change Single/Dual Sim