Delivery Time: 1-48 Hours

S-Cloud back with 48hrs verify, many of this Samsung are lost, so if they change IMEI, etc will relock and ask for id again since new IMEI does not match. 
It is what is happening many time. After 48 hrs we cannot refund or verify and video must be provided.


99XXXXXXXXX Not Supported No Refund Available

No refund on Google accounts. 
This service only bypass Samsung account, does not support Google accounts.

We can bypass any Samsung account using your IMEI. We can help you bypass and get into the phone by giving you an email and password. This will not remove the email and password request.

You have up to 48 hrs to bypass and report any problems, all emails and password are double checked before sent to you. No refunds or verify for complaints after 48 hrs. If not agree, do not order.

*** Trying to tamper with the account or remove/erase it may relock. Also, if you change/repair the IMEI on these phones, it may not work.

This bypass service does not remove gmail or google account, phone must ask for Samsung account ID, not google account. 

(Business days only)

You will get the EMAIL and PASSWORD.
This is a BYPASS, it will not remove the email and password from the phone.
Unless you are on Android 4.4.4 or less, you will not be able to perm. remove it.
Your phone will be 100% operation, just leave it be. You have the EMAIL + PASSWORD if needed.