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Model Name: Smartphone Z Series LiquidZ205
Model Id: 5626 Z205
Search Term: 3524530659500xx
Part Number: HM.HJLxx.002
Product: Z200(Z205) 4.0? 2-Core1G 1/4GB 2MP_Black
Product Model: LiquidZ205
Product Family: LiquidZ205
Category Id: C37S
Warranty Validity Flag: True
Id Warranty: GAA99S
Warranty Expiry Date: 20/01/2018
Purchase Date: 20/01/2015
Warranty Validity Fore Color: Red
Warranty Validity: Warranty Period expired
Warranty Classification: Out of Warranty
Brand: ACR
Serial Number: HMHJLSN0024500621B8xxx
IMEI: 3524530659500xx
SNID: 4500251158xx
Invoice No: 15002xx
Category Id: C27S
Id Warranty: G44S
Warranty Expiry Date: 23/02/2015
Purchase Date: 23/02/2015
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